Christian counseling

Many people want to know if I am a christian counselor and if Friendswood Family Counseling is a christian counseling center.  This is a difficult question for me to answer in a post, but I at least want to address it.  Christian counseling is often associated with biblical counseling.  What is biblical counseling?  It is counseling that uses the scripture as a basis for how individuals might live life.  You can expect to get biblical counseling from pastors and priests who have had training in biblical studies.

My training has not been biblically-based and would therefore, not qualify as christian counseling.

However, I am a christian and my beliefs are integrated with my approach to therapy.  Some of these beliefs include the value of all human beings; the importance of forgiveness; understanding justice; seeking peace versus violence.   Attachment theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy are both theoretical positions I have taken because they align very closely with my christian beliefs.  So, I am prepared to talk with individuals about their faith, their spiritual practices and their current situations.

On top of all that, I worked in an agency that served clients from a broad array of faiths.  That experience helped me to see how important faith can be in helping troubled individuals.  And that puts me in a unique position to talk with clients of all faiths about their beliefs.

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