It’s February 9 and I haven’t started the blog I began talking about last October.

October 2015!

I hope I’m not the only person that is not doing what I said I wanted to do.

But I might be.

I imagine I am.

That feels bad so I remind myself that I have a great excuse.

I don’t have a “blog” tab set up on my website, so how can I possibly blog?

I need a new website, then I can blog.

I listen to podcasters who say, “just start” and the rest of the pieces will fall into place.

Yea, right.

My colleague says, “writing a weekly blog will get you in the practice of writing before your blog gets published.”

That’s easy for her to say.  She already started a blog after we talked about it!  Last October!

But I haven’t started one yet.

Until today.

Today as I was reading, meditating, praying and journaling, I realized I can no longer wait to blog.

I can’t wait because part of my healing process involves writing.

So I set an intention to write today.

And then I sat down and did it.

And I feel a little uncomfortable,

but mostly just proud

that I did what I wanted

and needed to do