Make it the Summer of You: Six Tips For Having Your Best Summer Yet



Imagine having a summer just for you!  Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?  Why not just do it?





So how do you go about LIVING VITALLY this summer?  Here are SIX TIPS for a SAVORY SUMMER:

TIP ONE:   SLOW DOWN.  Instead of bloating your schedule with activities on a daily basis that keep you hopping across town, dodging all the other people who aren’t committed to SAVORING their summer, plan a handful of excursions that appeal to you and your family.

TIP TWO:  ADD 30-60 MINUTES OF QUIET TIME into your daily schedule.  Keep everyone on a regular bedtime schedule.   OR, schedule a quiet time for everyone in the family, requiring children to read, rest or listen to music quietly in their rooms so you get a break.  Everyone benefits!

TIP THREE:  ENERGIZE YOUR SOUL!  What activity moves you and motivates you to be the best YOU you can be?  Dancing?  Yoga? Journaling? Drawing? Gardening? Resting? Creating music?  Something else?  Put this activity on your calendar either daily or weekly and follow through as if it’s the most important appointment on your schedule.  Nourishing your mental health is the most important way to SAVOR your SUMMER!

TIP FOUR:  BREATHE DEEP!  Feeling agitated, frustrated, angry, annoyed?  Stop what you’re doing and take a few deep breaths, breathing in all that’s good and breathing out the stress.  Hide in a closet or behind a locked door if need be, but take your time to let out the frustration so you can RESPOND, NOT REACT to the situation.

TIP FIVE:  TAKE AN INVENTORY.  At the end of the day, ask yourself these questions:

– What brought me joy today?

-What did I SAVOR today?

-Where did I fall short?

-Forgive yourself, if you need to and PRESS ON for a better tomorrow.

TIP SIX:  KEEP YOUR THERAPY APPOINTMENTS.  Don’t use activities and a fast pace to distract you from the important work of your own self-care which frees you to get and stay connected to those you love this summer.  In your paperwork, you signed an agreement to pay a $50 fee when cancelling within 24 hours of your appointment time.  This is one technique I use to help you stay committed to your health and your life goals.