Marriage Tuneup Tip Number One

Have you been feeling disconnected in your marriage?  Stuck in a rut?  Not feeling the passion that first attracted you?

If so, that’s normal.  Those loving feelings that first brought you together brought the right elements together to get the two of you connected and your relationship growing.

BUT, if can be a red light on the dashboard of your relationship if you find yourself wondering if you and your partner can make the relationship last.

Over time, those initial loving feelings change and many couples find themselves wondering what happened.

If that’s where you find yourself today, then I have good news for you.

Over the next few weeks, I will give you some marriage tuneup tips that will help you and your spouse to get the sizzle back in your marriage.

Marriage Tip Number One:  Thank your spouse for something he or she has done for you recently.

Why is this important?

Sometimes when a marriage gets into a negative cycle, partners become blind to the good parts of one another, taking one another for granted.

Thanking your spouse also has a way of opening us up to seeing the situation differently because our focus gets shifted away from what’s not working to noticing what is working.

Give it a try.  Catch your spouse doing something for you and let him/her know you see it and appreciate it.

I dare you to try this one small tip, one time each day this week and see what happens.