Marriage Tuneup Tip Number Two

Last week we talked about thanking our spouses for the things we noticed them doing for us.

This week, let’s go another step.

I challenge you to hug your partner.

Eight times.

Every day.

Why would I make such a suggestion?

Because hugging releases a very important molecule called Oxytocin.

Why does that matter?

Ted Zak, also known as Dr. Love, has researched the benefits of Oxytocin in creating connections between individuals.

His research has shown that individuals will higher levels of Ocytocin create connection by increasing empathy, the component that leads individuals to make moral choices, help others and feel more connected to them.

Hugging is one way to increase our capacities to be empathetic toward our spouses, which helps our spouses to feel like we “get them”.  It feels great to feel understood!  Right?

Not a hugger?

No worries.

Oxytocin increases in the brain through massage or dancing together, too.

Or try avoiding high stress, which saps our brain of Oxytocin.

If all else fails, turn to prayer.  Research has shown that prayer, like hugging, dancing and massage, has the same positive impacts on the brain so it also has the potential to move you and your partner toward greater connection.

If you have arms, you have what you need to boost Oxytocin levels and create more connection with your spouse.

It’s a choice.

I challenge you to experiment and see if it works for you and your partner!