How do I pick myself up after I’ve failed?

So, I failed to get a blog out last week and I’m just now writing one this week (It’s Wednesday and they usually go out on Monday).

How did this happen?

Well, first of all, family came to visit and I set aside some work hours to be with them.

That is a great choice and I have no regrets.

Second, my husband had business out of town over the weekend and I joined him for a short “get away”.

Another great choice.  No regrets.

All of that combined put me behind in my daily work, causing the blog to move lower in my To Do list and creating a delay.

Before I thought through all of this, I was feeling anxious and restless inside.  “I’m falling into an abyss and I’ll never get out.” (I can be dramatic sometimes.)

Once I zoomed out and took time to evaluate where these feelings were coming from, I realized that I was actually happy with the choices I made because spending time with my family is one of my top values.

It gives me joy!

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So, intentions are good.  Striving to attain them is also good.  AND sometimes it’s ok if you fail to reach them.

How do I pick myself up after I’ve failed to reach an intention?

First, take an inventory of the obstacles to reaching your intention.

Are these obstacles in line with your values (spending time with family) or out of line with your values (binge watching Friends for the third time)?

If they’re in line with your values, what can you do to get back on track?

What resources are available to help you?

What can you delegate to someone else?  Or put on the back burner for the immediate time?

If they are out of alignment with your values, you may be sabotaging your efforts toward growth.  Read my blog, Why Am I Sabotaging My Personal Growth?