Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling at Friendswood Family Counseling gets to the root of the problem!

Many couples argue about issues that have nothing to do with what is really troubling them.  You may be getting caught in a negative cycle that keeps you in a constant state of conflict.  You may be arguing about taking out the trash or whose turn it is to cook dinner. But below the arguments are unmet needs for love, affection, intimacy and belonging.

We are all created to be in relationship with one another.  And so when we are feeling disconnected, it is very painful.  That is why counseling at Friendswood Family Counseling focuses on the real issues couples are facing.  When root issues are exposed, couples can experience better emotional and sexual intimacy.

Couples counseling helps to create more intimacy by:

  • Beginning with premarital counseling, when feasible
  • Helping couples develop strong communication skills
  • Trust-building
  • Creating intimacy in your relationship
  • Recognizing and healthfully expressing emotional responses
  • Working through blended family issues
  • Tackling sexual concerns
  • Managing stress
  • Creating acceptable financial boundaries
  • Working through difficult times, like midlife crises, death of a child or parent, health issues
  • Managing spiritual or religious differences