2022 Enneagram Classes and Retreat

Enneagram Classes and Fall Retreat

Rochelle is offering four Enneagram classes to help you learn more about your personality type so that you can keep focused on healing, growing and becoming your best self.  Each class is designed to give you more in depth information about yourself, your blindspots and how you have influence in this world.  Taking all four classes will enable you to be ready for a deep dive on the fall retreat, where you will learn how to assess where you are currently stalled in your inner growth and then make a plan for next steps on your journey.

Prior to the first class or retreat, you will be required to take an iEQ9 assessment (a 45 minute, in depth questionnaire) that will give you a wealth of information about your personality.  Plus, you will receive a 20 page report with suggestions for ways to deepen your personal growth.  (If you have already taken the iEQ9 from me, you will be exempt from taking it a second time.)



Prior to any class, you will be required to take a iEQ9 Assessment: $70

Friday, May 6            iEQ9 Assessment Report and Interpretation:  $50   

Friday, June 3           Learn how your Enneagram subtype flavors your personality type:  $50

Friday, July 1            Learn how your type’s Passion and Fixation create Blind Spots:  $50 

Friday, August 5       Learn if you are a Body, Heart or Thinking Type and what that means :  $50 

(All classes are on Friday, from 11:30-1:00 pm at Friendswood Family Counseling)




Class Details for More Information

Enneagram Classes




RETREAT: Co-Leaders Lee Ann Hillbrich & Rochelle Bridges

September 23-25, 2022:  Growing Deep Roots Using The Enneagram:   $500 for lodging, meals, snacks and materials 

This retreat will be largely experiential, using your Enneagram understanding and knowledge and applying it to next steps in your self-growth journey.  It will also feature some educational segments that will give you a deeper understanding of your personality type and sub-type so you will have an extensive amount of knowledge about yourself and why you do the things you do.


PREMIUM PACKAGE:    Save $40 by bundling all four classes and the retreat, $730 




Retreat Details:  Everything you need to know about the retreat is here:

Enneagram Retreat Details