Rochelle is now offering iEQ9 Enneagram testing, consulting and coaching opportunities.  She is a certified iEQ9 practitioner who uses the iEQ9 assessment to learn an individual’s primary personality type.  In addition, individuals will receive a 40 page Enneagram profile that contains information about their dominant center of expression, information about their sub-type and how that impacts personality, information about how their typical interaction and conflict styles show up in relationship with others and a measure of their current stress levels.


Rochelle offers a one time consultation following the iEQ9 assessment to explain the results of the assessment to an individual so that they understand what their report means and can use that information either for their own understanding or to work alone toward paths of health as mentioned in the exercises found in the report.


Additionally, individuals who are interested in learning their paths to growth and who want to have a deeper understanding of their results may want to consider Enneagram coaching sessions.  Rochelle will use information from the Enneagram profile and additional exercises to help individuals work toward paths of growth in all of the areas of importance to the individual that are mentioned in the report.


iEQ9 Assessment and Report:  $55

Consulting Session: $150

Coaching Sessions:  These sessions are 50 minutes each and cost $150 per session, minimum of three sessions.

Bundle all three for $600 (iEQ9 assessment, one time consultation and 3 sessions, valued at $655)